Frequently Asked Questions

How is Research Rabbit different from do-it-yourself survey software?

Those do-it-yourself survey systems require you to write your own survey, program it, find the most appropriate sample sources, field the survey, properly clean and code the data, analyze results, develop insightful charts, and write a final report.  Because research isn’t your specialty, there’s a good chance you’ll get a flawed or biased report to steer your business decisions.  But, hey, you’ll save a few bucks – if everything turns out alright.

With Research Rabbit, you tell us what you want to research and we do everything for you – from questionnaire design and sampling to analysis and reporting.  In just a few days, you'll get a professionally-written, ready-to-present PowerPoint report that features validated measures and third-party objectivity.

So why gamble?  Research Rabbit offers you less pain and greater insight for just a few dollars more.

Why does Research Rabbit cost so much less than a regular marketing research supplier?

Regular marketing research suppliers start every project from scratch, so their work naturally costs more.  On the other hand, Research Rabbit studies harness advanced technology to efficiently customize existing, best-in-class research designs and analyses for your particular situation, brand, and category.

To use a baking analogy, both sources will serve up a tasty cake.  But regular marketing research suppliers will bake the cake from scratch, while Research Rabbit will start using a proven cake mix and then add the custom ingredients needed to suit your taste. 

Are Research Rabbit surveys customizable enough to meet my needs?

Absolutely!  Research Rabbit is tremendously flexible, so it can accommodate the needs of nearly every customer.  In fact, the beauty of Research Rabbit is how we’ve harnessed technology to efficiently combine best-in-class questionnaire design with measures and analyses that are customized for your particular needs.  Check our product summaries to see what each type of Research Rabbit study already includes and allows. 

If you’re one of the few customers that need it, we can conduct additional analyses or heavy-duty questionnaire customization for an additional charge of $250/hour.  Please discuss any customization needs with a Research Rabbit representative when ordering your study. 

What if I don’t have email lists for my target respondents?

No problem.  We’ll locate the most appropriate sample list(s) for your study and screen potential respondents so only those meeting all of your qualification criteria can participate in your survey. 

As one of America’s largest purchasers of research sample, we know which panels and sample providers can deliver the best quality respondents for any particular project.   And because we buy in quantity, we are able to pass significant sample discounts onto Research Rabbit customers.

Can I use my own email lists for Research Rabbit studies?

Yes, provided that you can supply them to us in one of several flat-file formats, such as Excel, ASCII, SPSS, or dBase.

Will I receive a copy of the questionnaire for my Research Rabbit study?

To protect the proprietary wording and skip patterns of Research Rabbit questionnaires, we cannot make them available to our customers.  However, each order confirmation lists the topics we’ll ask about.  Additionally, each Research Rabbit report summarizes the general flow of the questionnaire and paraphrases the question asked above the table or graph that depicts related research findings.

How can I be sure that Research Rabbit’s work is of the highest quality?

Every Research Rabbit questionnaire and report format has been evaluated by leading academicians to ensure research quality and validity.  Additionally, the research analysts conducting your Research Rabbit study have already completed dozens of similar studies for several of the world’s best brands.   Finally, Research Rabbit makes the following Sniff-Test GuaranteeTM: If you’re not completely happy with any aspect of a Research Rabbit study and we can’t make it right, we’ll refund your entire $5,900 study fee. 

What if I want a study that you don’t mention on your website?

Contact us.  In most cases, we’ll be able to develop a customized Research Rabbit study that will address your project objectives.

Will you introduce new types of Research Rabbit studies in the future?

Absolutely!  We plan to introduce new Research Rabbit surveys and enhance existing Research Rabbit surveys several times each year, so check our website often for the latest developments.

Who is behind Research Rabbit?
Research Rabbit is owned and operated by Brandware Research, an Atlanta-based market research firm that provides clients with the customized research they need for evaluating, positioning, testing, extending, and tracking the success of their brand offerings.

Brandware has conducted research on behalf of several of the world’s best brands, including 3M, Abbott Labs, AARP, AT&T, Bank of America, Delta Dental, Discovery Communications, DuPont, Estee-Lauder, Genentech, General Motors, GlaxoSmithKline, Hawker Beechcraft, Honda, Hyundai/Kia, Ingersoll-Rand, Jack-in-the-Box, Jacuzzi, Michelin, Microsoft, Mohawk Industries, Nationwide, Nestle, Novartis, Philips, Samsung, Sanofi-Aventis, Shire, Starbucks, Volkswagen, and Yamaha.  (And we’ve conducted research for dozens of smaller organizations, too!)

Why did you introduce Research Rabbit?

Our own research indicated that there is a large unfilled need for professionally conducted market research that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.  Research Rabbit has been designed to meet that need.

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