Each customized Research Rabbit study costs just $5,900, plus sample and incentive costs.

With sample and incentives added, the typical Research Rabbit study costs about seven or eight grand – about ¼ of what leading research houses charge for made-to-order studies. Specialized systems and behind-the-scenes automation make Research Rabbit’s pricing possible.

Research Rabbit is tremendously flexible, so it can accommodate the needs of nearly every customer. Check our product summaries to see what each type of Research Rabbit study already includes and allows.

Need heavy-duty customization? No problem.

For the few customers that need it, we can conduct additional analyses or extreme questionnaire customization for an additional charge of $250/hour. Please discuss any customization needs with a Research Rabbit representative when ordering your study.

Pay any way you'd like.

We accept VISA and MasterCard.
You can pay for your Research Rabbit study using VISA, MasterCard, or check. Or if you’re a credit-approved customer, we can invoice you. And if you’re a credit-approved customer, we can invoice you.  Payment terms are initial 50% due on project approval and final 50% due on report delivery. 

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