Why Research Rabbit?

There are several advantages to commissioning a Research Rabbit study.  Here are just a few...

We do all the work for you.

We customize your questionnaire, program it, field your survey online according to your own sample specifications, analyze results, and write your report.  And we do it all in the USA, without any off-shoring whatsoever.

We're an astonishing bargain.

At $5,900 plus sample and incentive costs, the typical Research Rabbit study costs about seven or eight grand – about ¼ of what leading research houses charge for custom studies. Specialized systems and behind-the-scenes automation make our pricing possible.

We're staffed with survey experts.

The research professionals and PhD professors who invented Research Rabbit have designed and executed literally hundreds of customized marketing surveys for some of the biggest brands on the planet.  Regardless of your research objectives, we know exactly what to measure and how to measure it.

We use validated measures.

Research Rabbit surveys incorporate measures that have been validated in peer-reviewed journals.  In layman’s terms, that means leading academicians and marketing practitioners have already proven our questions to work.

We're jackrabbit fast.

In most cases, we’ll be able to ship your customized research report within 14 days of project approval.  For surveys that target hard-to-reach samples, it might take a couple of days longer.

We're skilled at sampling.

As one of America’s largest purchasers of research sample, we know which panels and sample providers can deliver the best quality respondents for any particular project.  And because we buy in quantity, we are able to pass significant sample discounts onto Research Rabbit customers.

We know how to preserve sample quality, too.  Research Rabbit stops fraudulent respondents in their tracks through the use of multiple measures, such as digital fingerprinting, catch questions, and time checks.

We're anything but cookie-cutter.

With our low pricing, speed, and automation, you probably think that Research Rabbit surveys aren’t customized enough to address your category and brand needs, right?  Think again, because the beauty of Research Rabbit is how we’ve harnessed technology to efficiently combine best-in-class questionnaire design with measures and analyses that are customized for your particular situation, brand, and category.

We offer third-party objectivity.

Have you ever tried to present marketing research that was designed and conducted by you or someone on your team?  It just doesn’t fly – the audience views you as the proverbial fox guarding the henhouse.  But Research Rabbit inexpensively offers you a trustworthy third-party perspective that delivers market truth without marketing spin.
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